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UKIP thanks Hungarian National Party

Douglas Carswell,  MP for the UK Independence Party and former Conservative, has thanked Tamás Németh President and the Hungarian National Party for their huge contribution to the success of the Leave campaign. Douglas Carswell MP and Tamás Németh had several official meetings and discussed how UKIP and the Hungarian National Party could cooperate to initiate Hungary leaving the European Union.


The Hungarian National Party supports leaving the EU!

The Hungarian National Party has actively participated in the Leave campaign of Great Britain’s Conservatives for leaving the European Union. (On the picture you can see Tamás Németh, President of the Hungarian National Party with an activist of the Conservatives.)

The Hungarian National Party is convinced that if Great Britain votes to leave the EU, other countries (e.g. Denmark) will follow. This will cause a chain reaction that will lead to the collapse of the European Union.

Those campaining against Leave are using a deliberately misleading propaganda and claim that the collapse of the European Union would be the end for Europe. This is a lie and a totally unfounded claim just like saying that if Great Britain exits the EU it will be detrimental for the Hungarians currently living there. This is baseless scaremongering because those Hungarians who are currently in Britain, working there legally and not queuing up for benefits, will still remain a valued work force.

The Hungarian National Party strongly believes that leaving the EU would serve the interests of Hungary , as Hungary would stop being imprisoned in a cage crated by a supranational organization, but rather Hungary could start becoming an independent national country.

The end of the European Union could bring about the rebirth of Europe, the national states could create a European cooperation that does not put them in chains but rather that serves the interests of all of them. If the conditions are given this could be the Union of Independent European National States.

If Great Britain votes for Leave, the Hungarian National Party will within a short time launch a referendum for Hungary to leave the European Union.




Say no to the Barbarian hordes!

Dark Barbarian forces have settled upon Europe. Our women, daughters and children are in danger! They will never integrate themselves into our society and they don’t even want to. They came to Europe to fight a war against Christianity. We don’t want nothing to do with Islam, get the hell out of christian Europe!