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The Government shall start negotiations with Ukraine to regain Subcarpathia



Because of the ukrainian crisis our country has a one-time-only opportunity.

The subcarpathian areas that have been snatched away by the dictated peace  of Trianon can finally  become part of the Nation’s body again! However, to reach this, the Government would need to pursue a true national policy to unify all Magyars. The national support for this issue would be overwhelming.



Abandon the recommendation system!


It is unbearable that those political parties and delegates who wish to participate in the elections have to beg voters for a recommendation.

A lot of voters think it a harassment if somenone knocks on their door for a recommendation.

For the delegates of the smaller parties it is much more difficult to collect the required number of recommendations, compared to the big parties, who have hundreds of volunteers to fulfil this task.

The Hungarian National Party strongly represents the position that the current recommendation system should be abolished, and a new system should be introduced according to that the delegates have to deposit a certain amount of money, if they wish to participate in the election.



Attendance at elections should be compulsory!

At the 2014 parliamentary elections we have again witnessed that a lot of voters stayed at home and did not go to cast a vote.

The Hungarian National Party would make it compulsory for every Hungarian voter to participate in either at the parliamentary or in the local government elections. Those who neglect their duty as a citizen for a reason attributable to them, shall get a fine!



Hands off the Hungarian land!

Due to treacherous machinations the ownership and right of use of Hungarian agricultural land has been made available to foreigners.

We demand that the treacherous land act shall be revoked immediately! The Hungarian land should not get into the hands of foreign oligarchs and buyers.

Hands off Hungary, hands off the Hungarian land!