Economic policy

From  economical perspective, Hungary has a colonial economy system. From this colonial economic system there is no break-out possible. The majority of the GDP is produced by foreign companies, that is the reason why Hungary has a colonial economy system.

From the European Union we receive a subsidy amounting to 1% of the Hungarian GDP per annum, however, 30% of the Hungarian GDP leaves the country, that is how much the foreign companies take away.

In the colonial countries foreigners can do what they want, this is the nation’s catastrophe.  The real spending power of  people is on the level of the 1970′s. The EU expansion of 2004 was a colonization process.

The foreign exchange loans in Hungary are against regulations and should not have been allowed.  The catastrophically low level of wages ruin the Nation. The respective Government lures the foreign investors with the fact that manpower is cheap in Hungary. A different economic policy has to be pursued.

We have to protect the Hungarian industry, the Hungarian manufacturers, the Hungarian economy, the economic dependence of Hungary from other countries needs to stop.

99% of Hungary’s national assets have been stolen, these need to be recovered. The disingenuous economic-politician criminals shall be punished with the confiscation of all of their properties.

Not the foreign multinational corporations, but the Hungarian manufacturers, and family businesses need support.

The real property business has been in decline in Hungary for years. The state should build some hundred thousand flats so as to help the younger generation  to a housing and simultaneously to liven up the real property business.

Pensions should be as high as the minimum wage.

The tax system needs to be simplified. We support a progressive tax system, however,  within family taxation an even bigger reduction should be provided to large families.

Provision of new workplaces and the increase of minimum wage shall be achieved by reallocation.

In Hungary after the political “turnaround” a feudalistic system has emerged, which now has reached its full extent. 7 million Hungarians live in slavery, from them 1 million have already fled the country because of their everyday money problems. Meanwhile a small, privileged group steals the Nation’s assets. Those, who have wronges the national assets, shall be punished by the confiscation of their whole fortune, and shall loose their citizenship.

The wage system shall be transformed with immediate effect. Those, who have left the country due to the low level of wages, need to be encouraged to return home.  One way to achieve this, should be the immediate increase of minimum wages. The minimum wage should reach the top average of the european minimum wages.