Employment policy

Human work, be it either physical, or intellectual is the true nation-building power. If work is not valued, it cannot be expected of the Hungarian citizens to labour for the building of the nation.

The aims of MNP are:

·     review of the wage system, the instant raise of minimum wage to european standards;

·        put an end to black market work;

·       decrease employers’ taxes to establish new work places ;

·         strenghten the existing trade unions or to found new trade unions.

In Hungary employees are ignored and are treated as slaves. During the decades after the political “changeover” a feudalistic system has emerged that enslaves the majority of the nation.  There are many millions in the country who work for degrading wages, that don’t even cover their everyday expenses only so that a few thousand people can live a good life in this country.

The community work system needs to be restructured, because community work nowadays means a negative stigma/a prejudice  for those doing community work.  Community workers should earn as much as those working for a minimum wage. It should be prohibited to humiliate community workers, i.e. to make them go to certain study courses and to abject them with questions for preschoolers. Discrimination should be abolished, thee should be no differentiation between those who do community work and those employed in the private sector.


Wages shall be raised to EU standards asap, however, until then the minimum wage shall be increased with immediate effect to the following levels:

a)      unskilled labour: HUF 250,000 net / month

b)     skilled labour: HUF 350,000 net / month

c)        college / university graduates: HUF 500,000 net / month