Foreign policy

The aim of MNP is to lessen the dependence of the country from an economical and political perspective.  Hungary should be an equal partner in any international negotiation, no matter whom she faces. We support the european alliance of independent nation states instead of the United States of Europe.

Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin should be unified, as even those Hungarians who are stuck outside of the borders of Hungary are a part of the Nation. We should use all our forces to guarantee the collective rights of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin.

A unified nation state does not mean that Hungary should be cut out of Europe, as Hungary is a part thereof.

We shall endeavour to unify the Hungarian Nation geographically, economically and culturally.

The home of the Hungarian Nation is the Carpathian Basin. If the lost territories would like to rejoin to Hungary, it should be allowed. We embrace with open armes those Hungarians stuck abroad, who wish to return to Hungary.

Every person with Hungarian nationality should get a Hungarian citizenship, and the right to have a voice in Hungarian public affairs.

The army should be improved, its numbers should be increased, to provide a proper protection for the Hungarian nation.  The service requirement of at least 3 months’ should be restored. The budget of national defence should be doubled.

A tighter economical and cultural relation should be established with those eastern countries, who are the home of nations related to our Hungarian ancestors.

We should seek an economical cooperation with the countries of the Middle-East and South-America.

A Hungarian soldier should not fight for the cause of a foreign nation abroad, far from his home, the Carpathian Basin.