Law enforcement policy

A country , whose citizens can’t  feel safe from their own law enforcement, is not a democratic country. The police should not harass people, but instead provide security for them, so that they may work for the prosperity of the Nation.

During the time that elapsed since the political “changeover” the police did not manage to turn from a police-state organization into an organization serving the Nation.

The aims of MNP are:

  • firm action against crimes committed by politicians;
  • establishment of a new, modern law enforcement with the total renewal of the police;
  • shutting down of corruption in the law enforcement;
  • establishment of a self-sufficient, self-contained prison system.

The police has benn unable to renew itself since the political  “changeover”, the law enforcement system has to be restructured completely. The police has to serve the population and protect the Nation, therefore the law enforcement has to politics-free.

The first step to renew the police is to filter out the unfit staff, and eliminate them from the service.  Those who wish to join the ranks of the police, have to have  a basic-level of education. Law enforcement education needs to be elevated to a higher level, if need be,  through the total replacement of the former teaching staff.

The possibility of preferential pension for policemen needs to be suspended.

Criminals relapsing multiple times should be punished harder. A greater emphasis needs to be put on the deterrent effect of punishments, i.e. harder sentences  should be imposed.

The immunity of members of parliament should be terminated. It should not be allowed that someone escapes reponsibility and punishment by pleading their immunity.

In Hungary the prisons are immensely overcrowded. To stop this, we have to establish new, self-sufficient prisons.

Prisoners need to be separated within the prison based on whether they are white or blue collar criminals.

The  abuses and murders committed within the prisons all indicate that the prison staff is not on the top of their game. The prison system is not efficient, those who leave the prison are unable to reintegrate into society, but rather commit more serious crimes than those for which they were originally sentenced. Those who commit vehicular crimes should ne be put together in prison with ordinary crinimals, because they can have a bad influence on them.

Those who commit crimes against the Nation shall loose their Hungarian citizenship, and shall be deported from the country after they have  serves their sentence.

The prisoners should get proper work in prison. An effort needs to made that the prisoners should not be a further burden for society, but rather, sustain themselves.